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Providing a 24 hour service, 365 days a year, where you will be assured of professional and caring attention at all times.


Contact us on:
Joe: 086 8182988
John: 086 3273471
Fergus: 086 3562498

When a death occurs, our responsibility will be to attend to all your needs in a professional and sensitive manner.

For example we will:

  • Make contact with the hospital/nursing home, church, cemetery or crematorium
  • Provide for the care and transportation of the deceased and for appropriate preparation, preservation and presentation for viewing
  • Liaise directly, on your behalf, with all those involved in providing the various elements of the chosen funeral, (church, cemetery, crematorium, florist, newspapers, radio stations, oganist, soloist, etc)
  • Advise and assist on decisions relating to flowers, organists, soloists, church offerings, clergy fees and gratuities
  • We will assist in composing the announcement for the papers/radio
  • Assist in the selection of a coffin from our showroom
  • Pay, on your behalf, all third party charges, fees and costs associated with the agreed funeral arrangements
  • Assist you in obtaining a Death Certificate and any other necessary documentation, both before and after the funeral
  • Operate in the strictest confidence on your behalf, before, during and after the funeral